What is preventive maintenance, and how does it cut unplanned downtime?

Preventive maintenance — also called PM or preventative maintenance — keeps equipment in top condition through regular machinery checkups and maintenance tasks. These services may be scheduled according to a calendar or based on equipment operating time. The process typically involve inspection, cleaning and oil and filter changes. A preventive maintenance program can reduce unplanned downtime by providing a framework to identify and address any needed repairs.

Why do you need a preventive maintenance plan?

使用PMAG体育App下载框架, schedules are designed specifically to ensure that critical components are inspected and replaced prior to failure, 避免意外关闭. Without such a plan, upkeep can become a chaotic “run to failure” environment. Machines stop with little or no warning while maintenance technicians run from problem to problem. Schedules are missed, deliveries are delayed and costs continue to rise. You know you should be performing preventive maintenance, but there never seems to be enough time.

Many facilities have a preventive maintenance program in place, 但未能实现预期的利益. The PM program may not be comprehensive enough or the technicians may not adhere to the schedule. Regular oil and filter changes are good, but they won’t detect — or prevent — bigger issues.


An effective preventive maintenance plan extends mean-time-between-failures (MTBF), raises overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), increases capacity and allows production to meet its schedules. There’s less need for overtime, costs are controlled and stress levels are lowered. Morale improves when people can focus on business needs rather than fighting fires. Almost every operation has tried to implement a preventive maintenance program. 挑战在于如何让它坚持下去.


你会经常听到, “没有时间进行PMAG体育App下载了,” and that’s often true when facing a massive backlog. This is where preventive maintenance services from ATS可以帮助.

Whether you have an existing preventive maintenance program or you need one developed, our industry-leading team of experts will review what you are doing as well as collect, analyze and leverage the data to identify the changes necessary for increased uptime and OEE. Our skilled maintenance technicians will then get to work, executing your preventive maintenance plan as designed and delivering measurable results.

We are unique among preventive maintenance companies in that, while delivering plans and results based on data and analysis, we also go “beyond the numbers” to ensure that the program we create will work for you and your specific needs.

We understand preventive maintenance is a challenge, and our preventive maintenance services will provide you with the leadership and expertise to succeed.


Contact us to discuss a preventive maintenance plan that will help your business run better.